Ingest Parquet Files from a S3 Bucket into Pinot Using Spark

Apache Pinot has been designed with extensibility in mind. Its pluggable architecture enables ingesting data from various data sources with different input formats while giving the flexibility to use a preferred execution framework for segment creation.  (more…)

Dunith Dhanushka
on November 11, 2021|

Getting Started with Apache Pinot

If you are new to Apache Pinot and interested in learning more about it, you are reading the right post.

In this blog series, we will discuss Apache Pinot in detail so that you will learn the different components that make up a Pinot cluster. Apart from that, we will get some hands-on experience while running samples that ingest both real-time and batch data into Pinot and run analytical queries against them. (more…)

Dunith Dhanushka
on October 28, 2021|
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