Introduction to Geospatial Queries in Apache Pinot

Image credits: Visualizing City Cores with H3, Uber’s Open Source Geospatial Indexing System

Geospatial data has been widely used across the industry, spanning multiple verticals, such as ride-sharing and delivery, transportation infrastructure, defense and intel, public health. Deriving insights from timely and accurate geospatial data could enable mission-critical use cases in the organizations and fuel a vibrant marketplace across the industry. In the design document for this new Pinot feature, we discuss the challenges of analyzing geospatial at scale and propose the geospatial support in Pinot.


Kenny Bastani
on June 1, 2021|

Welcome to the New and Exciting World of User-Facing Analytics

Today, I am so happy to announce that our new company, StarTree, Inc., just closed on 24M Series A funding to build and offer a SaaS version of the Apache Pinot™ analytics platform, the open source project my co-founder, Xiang Fu, and I developed as engineering leads at LinkedIn. (more…)

Kishore Gopalakrishna
on May 2, 2021|

What is User-Facing Analytics?

Companies today are generating and collecting massive amounts of data. Data Analytics has been playing a crucial role in analyzing user behaviour, growth potential, revenue spend and so on, enabling employees and executives to make key business decisions. (more…)

Chinmay Soman
on May 2, 2021|

Introduction to Upserts in Apache Pinot

Since the 0.6.0 release of Apache Pinot, a new feature was made available for stream ingestion that allows you to upsert events from an immutable log. Typically, upsert is a term used to describe inserting a record into a database if it does not already exist or update it if it does exist. In Apache Pinot’s case, upsert isn’t precisely the same concept, and I wanted to write this blog post to explain why it’s exciting and how you can start using it.


Kenny Bastani
on April 8, 2021|
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