About Us

When you hear “decision maker,” it’s natural to think, “C-suite,” or “executive.” But these days, we’re all decision-makers. So, yes, the CEO is a crucial decider. But, the franchise owner, the student, or the big box shopper all have important choices to make, too. The difference is, those traditional decision-makers have access to relevant data to guide their thinking. All the others? Flying blind.

Our vision is to change that. We believe every decision-maker should have access to fast, fresh, actionable insights. We’re motivated to unlock what’s possible when you put the right information in the right hands at the right time. Like the restaurant owner who’s able to call in an extra cook because she can see the surge in orders coming. Or the holiday shopper who has plenty of time to pick a different gift for his loved one because he sees his original order is delayed at the moment the supplier registers a procurement delay. Or the use-case we can’t even envision yet, because it is sitting in your data, waiting to be set free.

Exposing timely information to real decision makers in intuitive apps that not only inform, but allow you to act on the information being shared. That’s how we’re unleashing the power of user-facing analytics.

Team StarTree

Founded by the creators of Apache Pinot and inspired by the user-facing analytics revolution begun by companies like LinkedIn and Uber, the StarTree team is committed to giving every decision-maker the insights they need to make great choices.

Kishore Gopalakrishna

Co-founder and CEO
Always curious on how and why things work…or don’t work

Xiang Fu

Building distributed systems for realtime data world

Neha Pawar

Founding Engineer
Creative data technologist with a penchant for Pinot

Chinmay Soman

Founding Engineer
Lover of distributed systems, data analytics, single malts and IPAs

Uday Vallamsetty

Head of Strategy and Operations
Technologist with a passion to build products and companies that bring value

Xiaotian (Jackie) Jiang

Founding Engineer
Passionate about distributed systems, system programming, performance optimizations, and Pinot

Gaurav Joshi

Founding Engineer
Cares about all things UI

Kenny Bastani

Open Source Engineer
A passionate technology evangelist, speaker, author, and open source software advocate.

Daniel Lavoie

Cloud Engineer 
Daniel writes, packages and deploys distributed systems with love.

Alexander Pucher

Founding Engineer
Alex blends systems and algorithms for a perfectly balanced diet of insights

Karin Wolok

Head of Developer Marketing and Community
An out-of-the-box developer marketing and community strategist

Tim Santos

Software Engineer
Builder of applications with delightful user experiences

Mayank Shrivastava

Founding Engineer
Building distributed data systems for solving Real World Problems

Oren Panitch

Software Engineer
Engineer of User Interfaces through Human-Computer Interaction research

Wuwen Wang

Software Engineer
Building high-performance large-scale data systems

Suvodeep Pyne

Founding Engineer
Passionate about code and building quality products

Shantanu Garud

Head of UX & UI
Translating business goals and user needs into easy to use solutions


Allison Murphy

Marketing Operations Manager
Bringing products to market, brands to new heights, and rescue dogs to my home

René-Alexandre Giroux

René-Alexandre Giroux

Cloud Engineer
René-Alexandre loves to code and learn about distributed systems

kulbir headshot

Kulbir Nijjer

Cloud Solution Architect 
Passionate about understanding customer needs and convert them into product sales

Arnould Headshot

Arnould Gateaux

Cloud Engineer
Designing software people will like to use

Shounak Kulkarni

Software Engineer
Enjoys solving problems and optimizing the solution

Rohit Agarwalla

Head of Product Management and Product Marketing
Helping build, deliver, and capture value

Xiaobing headshot

Xiaobing Li

Software Engineer
Crafting the finest Pinot on Cloud

Ramakrishna Baratam

Software Engineer
Enjoys solving algorithmic problems and passionate about gaining in-depth knowledge of systems

Matt Landers

Head of Developer Relations
Passionate about developer education and growth. A happy coder 🤓

Francois Teychene

Cloud Engineer
Jack of all trades with functional programming tendencies