Fully Managed Cloud Service for Apache Pinot

Deliver fast, fresh insights to your end-users with our easy-to-use analytics platform, built by the original authors of Apache Pinot.


Bring Your Own Cloud
Edition of StarTree Cloud

Apache Pinot clusters are deployed, configured, and managed by StarTree Cloud in your cloud environment where the data resides.

Why Pinot

Secure & Enterprise-Ready

SLA backed StarTree Cloud services with secure networking, storage, and access across both control and data plane.

StarTree Cloud Services and Apps

Multi-Cloud Ready solution that includes advanced capabilities to ingest, store, query, and analyze data at scale

Fully-Managed Apache Pinot

Streamlined cloud resource provisioning, managed sizing and scaling of highly-available and highly-optimized clusters, automatic updates/upgrades, observability, and alerts.


Industry leaders trust StarTree

We serve some of the most powerful applications on the internet:


“Pinot enables us to execute sub-second, petabyte-scale aggregation queries over fresh financial events in our internal ledger. We chose Pinot because of its rich feature set and scalability, which has enabled better performance than our previous solution — at a lower cost.”

— Peter Bakkum, Stripe | Engineering Manager

“SaaS Edition of StarTree Cloud made it very easy for us to get started with Apache Pinot and real-time applications. We were able to ingest batch data and use real-time applications that helped significantly reduce Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) for key business metrics issues. Right from the evaluation phase using open source, to getting the clusters ready for production, the StarTree team provided fast, timely responses and focused on solving user problems, which allowed us to work together closely.”

— Soyinka Majumder, Just Eat TakeAway.com | Head of Marketing Analytics
Guitar Center

“Apache Pinot helped deliver insights and uncover data blindspots with high accuracy in real-time. During the last Black Friday event, we were able to implement user-facing analytics on real-time data residing in Apache Pinot and discover opportunities to serve our customers better in real time. The BYOC approach in StarTree Cloud gives us a managed service running in our own cloud environment where the data resides, balancing our internal security and compliance requirements with ease of use.”

— Saritha Ivaturi, Guitar Center | Vice President of Data Platform & Engineering
Pluto TV

“StarTree Cloud has been a game changer for us to evaluate ad performance data in real-time and overall deliver superior viewer experience. Apache Pinot's ability to integrate seamlessly with our existing data warehouse solution coupled with its rich indexing techniques enabled us to ingest data in real-time and go from minutes to sub-second query response latency.”

— Santhi Kollipara, Pluto TV | Engineering Manager

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